Keeping fit and active has always been an huge  part of my life and has helped to shape me into the person that I am today.  I have always loved to to be active and engaged in something exciting and physical, whether it be participating in fitness classes, or running around my farm. I love to create new workout  routines and experiment with different types of exercises and fitness regimes, from yoga to bootcamp to tabata. A few years ago I was training for a half marathon, however due to an unfortunate knee injury I was not able to complete my training nor the final race. As disappointing as this was there was a positive that came from it, as it opened my eyes to the incredible variety of other exercise styles and training techniques that are able to work my body and free my mind just as well!

I will be posting different workouts along with playlists that motivate me to get moving, so stay tuned for those.

Thank you so much for reading, enjoy!


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