Titika Active Couture

I am so excited to let you all know of an athletic wear brand that needs to be on your next shopping list! I have paired up with Titika Active Couture, who strive to provide versatile athletic wear for your active everyday life. Their new collection just dropped, which incorporates a number of bold, colourful and versatile designs perfect for any and all seasons.

These days, I am very much into working out in either just a sports bra, or cropped tees and tanks on the top half, since anything else I just seem to get way to hot in. Meanwhile on the bottom half, always wearing either shorts or high-waisted leggings, since honestly after buying my first pair of high-waisted leggings I would never go back to anything low/regular waisted. Finding that the performance and comfort of high-waited leggings has set a new standard that just cannot be beat! Therefore, when it came to scanning though Titika’s collection I needed high-waisted pants and a cropped workout top.


The second that I saw their Kimora Leggins II I needed to have them, because of the bold colours, high waited design and flattering shape they appeared to give to both your legs and booty! As for the top, the Blaike Cropped Tank II fit the criteria perfectly for lightweight, cropped and most importantly with white, being non-see through.

I have decided to rank both items based on what I consider to be the most important criteria when purchasing athletic wear:

BOTTOMS Kimora Leggins II  size small:
  1. Transparency – 10/10
    1. These leggings passes the squat test, nothing showing through there!
  2. Stretch – 8/10
    1. They have a good amount of stretch to them but are slightly thicker than other leggings I have and therefore are not as stretchy.
  3. Stay Put – 8/10
    1. Being high waisted they stayed on my hips, but still needed to be pulled up a few times throughout the workout, in particular while running and jumping.
  4. Quality – 10/10 Very well made, with good quality fabric used.

Top Blaike Cropped Tank II size small:
  1. Transparency – 10/10
    1. White non see-though tops are almost impossible to find these days, but this passed the test with flying colours, my light pink sports bra was barely visible!
  2. Weight – 10/10
    1. Lightweight, soft, stretchy fabric perfect for any workout or for everyday wear.
  3. Fit & Size – 10/10
    1. True to website sizing, not too tight around the neck or too high in the armpits.
  4. Quality – 10/10
    1. Very well made, with quality fabric used.


Check out their collection for yourself HERE!
This post has been sponsored by Titika Active Couture, however as always, my opinions, thoughts and comments on the products are my own.

Have any comments, questions or feedback?

Either send me an email or comment below! I would LOVE to hear from you!

Happy Shopping!

xo Brigitte

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