10 Ways To Burn More Calories Without Even Trying

These are ten little tweaks to your day that can cause you to burn extra calories and make you feel even better than normal overall! You will not have to plan your day around these, but you can simply add them in with ease, as many or as few as you like.

#1. Take The Stairs

This one will probably seem obvious, but whenever you can, take the stairs over the elevator or escalator.

#2. Car Posture

Sit up straight before adjusting your car mirror, this will encourage better posture when you drive, therefore leading to a nice abdominal workout.

benefits of good posture

#3. Park Further Away

Instead of trying to snatch up the closest spot possible, try to park in the far parking lot and make the short walk to the mall, gym, grocery store, office, etc.

#4. Drink Tea

Find yourself constantly snacking when your not even hungry? Try a nice, large glass of tea such as peppermint, chai, green, oolong or ginger lemon. This will fill you up as well as distract you from inhaling anything and everything that you can get your hands on. Apparently, teas such as green and oolong have also been proven to boost the metabolism, therefore helping with calorie burn!

#5. Do Things By Hand

From washing your dishes after a meal to cooking from scratch, this will sneak in a higher calories burn than using the dishwasher or heating a pre-made store bought meal.get moving by

#6. Add Calf Raises

Whenever you can, sneak some of these into your daily routine.

#7. Add Squats

There are so many opportunities each day to add in a few squats here and there!squat while you

#8. Move Briskly

Walk like your late for a meeting or event…always!

#9. Ditch The Shopping Cart

Leave the shopping cart in the grocery store and haul your bags over to your (far parked) car, this will be a great arm workout!

#10. Get Off A Stop Earlier

If it’s a nice day, get off one stop earlier on the subway/ public transit and walk the extra distance.

burn more calories

Happy Calorie Burning,

xo Brigitte

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