12 Healthy Habits To Start This Year

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone’s had a great start to the new year so far. For those of you who have made resolutions surrounding health, fitness and overall wellness, this post is for you! These 12 healthy habits are just small tweaks that you can add to your day with ease and whether you choose to adapt one or all twelve, you will be sincerely rewarded.

#1. Drink Water Right When You Wake Up In The Morning

Since many of us wake up dehydrated, water will help to naturally wake you up, hydrate you, kickstarting your metabolism, help your body to flush out toxins, fuel your brain, and could even cause you to eat less.


#2. Make Superfood Ice Cubes

Combine a small amount of fresh ginger (finely chopped), lemon juice, turmeric powder apple cider vinegar and water in a large glass. Stir this mixture together, pour into an ice cube tray, then freeze. Each morning mix one of these concentrated ice cubes into your second glass of water for the day. This is an excellent way to add extra nutrients to your diet.

ice cubes

#3. Take Probiotics

Taking probiotics daily can make a world of a difference to your digestion and energy. I have noticed a massive difference before and after taking them and recommend probiotics to anyone who is constantly experiencing indigestion or bloating.

*Please be sure to consult your doctor though before taking, just to be sure that these are right for you.

#4. Cure Your Cold With A Homemade Tea

This Honey Ginger Cleansing Tea will do wonders for headaches, sore throats or head colds. Find the recipe HERE.

#5. Whole Foods – The More Each Day The Better

An apple or banana go a long way when eaten as a 3pm snack.

whole foods

#6. Park Further Away From Everything

More steps to and from the car equals more calories burned! Want to take it a step further? Leave the cart in the store and carry your bags the distance to the car for a little upper body workout.


#7. Walk Around The House With Ankle Weights

Keep your ankle weights at your front door, to pop on right when you get into the house. This will add a little bit of extra effort to each step, therefore causing a slightly higher calorie burn just by doing your typical everyday chores and activities while at home.

#8. Eat Out Less

Pack a lunch EVERY DAY! This is the only way that you will be able to keep track of exactly what you’re putting into your body.

#9. Fridge & Cupboard Clean Out

Start the year off by eliminating anything from your fridge and cupboard that will keep you from achieving your newly set resolutions.

fridge clean out

#10. Revamp Your Sauce & Dressing Choices

Is your fridge stocked with high fat sauces/dressing that contain multiple ingredients that you can’t pronounce? Toss these, and donate the unopened ones. Sauces and dressings are one of the largest culprits to sabotaging a nutritious meal by adding heaps of saturated fats and hollow calories. Try making your own clean sauce variations, or carefully read labels before buying replacements.

#11. Refresh Your Seasonings

Seasonings can make a word of a difference to simple, nutritious dishes. The same dish can be spiced up in so many different ways, bringing out a variety of flavours. Many spices also offer a wide variety of health benefits, for example, turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, is a strong antioxidant and adds a distinctive colour to every dish that it touches.

#12. Set A Sleep Reminder

Set an alarm 30 min before the time when your trying to get to sleep by. When it goes off, start to get ready for bed and unwind.


Wishing you all the encouragement to keep up with your healthy lifestyle resolutions for the New Year!

xo Brigitte

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