10 Dorm Room Essentials For a Healthy First Year

Going off to university or college is one of the MOST exciting, nerve racking and incredibly fun experiences! While there is so much to think about at this busy time, make sure not to forget a few of the healthy essentials that could help to make your semester more health conscious.

These are the 10 dorm room essentials that made my first to fourth year, quicker in the mornings, healthier and helped me to enjoy more of a balances lifestyle in the easiest way possible.

10 healthy

1. Magic Bullet Blender 
Overslept for class? Pop a banana, water and some protein powder into a magic bullet cup and blend away…breakfast will be ready in 1  minute flat! Check out this blender HERE!

2. Cutting board and knife
Think about how many times a day you use these two items at home…you will definitely want to get these for your dorm room.

3. Kettle
It can be used for much more then tea, including making oatmeal, instant noodles, hard boiled or soft boiled eggs, hot chocolate and coffee. Check THIS one out.

4. Tupperware
Perfect for transporting snacks to and from class, bringing meals to campus for long study days and for storing dry snack foods in your room such as nuts and dried fruits. Find an assortment of tupperware HERE.

5. Two Bowls, Plates, Knives, Forks and Spoons
One set to use for yourself and another for a friend, or the second set to use when the first set is dirty.

6. Yoga Mat
Perfect for whenever a quick dorm room workout is needed!

7. Reusable Water Bottle
This will help you to stay hydrated and encourage you to drink more water…while also being a much better option that disposable water bottles for the environment!

8. Hand Weights
Great to sneak a little exercise in while studying.

9. Healthy Snacks
High in protein and low in sugar, to keep you full and satisfied…and therefore also distracted, from chips, candy, chocolates and other indulgences.

10. Calendar
Dry erase, 4 month display university calendars are the best! You can track your entire semester, from assignments to exams to workout. This will help to show you how you have been keeping up with your workouts and which times it would be best to fit them in.

Healthy Dorm Room Essentials.png

 Happy Shopping and University Prepping,

xo Brigitte

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