10 Carry-On Essentials For Long Flights

Packing a carry-on bag can vary between not packing enough to keep yourself entertained for the long number of hours, to overloading your little bag with everything that you could possibly fit into it, where you then don’t even end up using even half of it.

These 10 travel bag essentials are the perfect balance to ensure that you feel and look wonderful, while keeping you as comfortable as possible throughout the flight.

 1. Noise Cancelling Head Phones

Or ear buds, whatever you like best/have space for, to drown out those screaming babies and loud conversations.

2. High Protein Snacks

Such as nuts, beef jerky, dried and seasoned chick peas, trail mixes, unsweetened granola bars, etc.

3. Chargers For Your Electronics

Because we all know that it’s never a good time when you accidentally pack your charger in your checked baggage and your device runs out of battery early on in the flight.


4. Toiletry Bag


  • Oil Blotting Sheets (such as THESE!)
  • A Mini Disposable Tooth Brush

These little disposable finger tooth brushes are absolutely perfect for a long flight! My favourites are the Deep Cleaning Finger Brush and Disposable Teeth Wipes.

  • Lip Balm (the natural lip balms are best, especially those with nice fragrances to combat a stale airplane smell!)
  • Facial Cleansing Wipes (such as these by Juicy Bamboo or The Honest Company)
  • Deodorant or Deodorant Wipes
  • Saline Eye Drops
  • Small Bottle of Hand Cream
  • Hair Elastics

5. Warm Sweater/Wrap/Blanket/Scarf

The cozier the better, for when the plane gets chilly and for those naps along the way.

BONUS – if you wear a few of your heaviest clothing items on the plane, then your suitcase will weight less and you avoid paying extra luggage fees.


6. Large Water Bottle

Purchase one of these at the Duty Free before boarding to ensure that you stay hydrated the whole ride. Or, bring a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up at a water fountain once you are past security.

7. Cozy Socks

It’s never nice to have cold feet on a plane, especially for hours on end. Pack a pair just in case, I can guarantee you won’t regret it!

8. Gum/Mints

An instant refresher, as well as it helps to relieve some of the pressure and “un-pop your ears”.

9. Mini Hair Brush

Knots always seem to happen while on long flights, so having a hair brush handy for when you step off of the plane is essential.

10. A Good Book or Magazine

There isn’t anything quite like snuggled up in a window seat, with a good book, a cup of coffee and a view over the clouds.


Here are a few additional essentials that I don’t often pack, but I know many who do and they find them to be important for their long flights:

Eye Mask

Ear Plugs

Dry Shampoo

Hand Sanitizer

Neck Pillow

Evian Water Spray

Deck of Cards

There you go, you’re all set for your travels!

If you have any comments or questions I would LOVE to hear from you!

Which destination are you heading to over your next long flight? 

xo Brigitte

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