10 Things To Do Before Travelling Internationally

This is a must read check-list for those who will be travelling internationally! Whether you are a well-seasoned traveller, or heading on your first trip abroad, these ten tips will help you to be much more prepared for your journey ahead!

10 things to do beforeyou travelinternationally

1. Download maps.me app.

This free app is a lifesaver while abroad! It’s the only app that I’v been able to find that helps me get to where I want to go and DOES NOT require wifi or data. All that you do is download the locations that you are travelling to before you leave and your good to go!

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2. Download necessary travel apps before you leave (while you still have good wifi). These are some essentials that are on my phone: Airbnb, HostelWorld,  Expedia, Uber, whatever airline I am flying with, your banking app, Netflix (download movies and documentaries to watch ahead of time) and Eurail.

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3. Take a picture of valuables that are coming with you, such as your credit cards, ID’s, health card and passport. Leave these photos with a family member, just in case something happens to them while you are travelling, you will have the photos for reference.

ALSO, make sure to notify your credit card company before travelling to avoid any paying hiccups or panics.

4. Purchase a durable phone case with a glass cover for protection. Cracked phone screens or damaged phones while traveling are no fun, so avoid them right from the start!

ALSO, make sure to purchase a phone plan (I would recommend a small one to start if you think that you will need one, since there is wifi in more places that you would think). 

5. Make sure that you have all of your passwords written down and with you (or a family member) before leaving. While travelling I always seem to get logged out of something (when auto saving fails) and with so many passwords I can never remember them all!

6. Purchase travel and health insurance. 

7. Order cash of the currencies that you will need in advance, since the bank will not always have the currency on hand that you are needing. I would recommend doing this 2 weeks before travelling, to ensure that you will get the amount that you are needing before you leave.

8. Make sure that you have luggage tags attached to ALL of your bags, just in case they get lost by the airline.

9. Put a business card in each of your checked bags in case it gets lost or taken by someone by mistake with similar looking luggage. Hopefully the person will contact you when they open the bag and realize that it isn’t theirs.

10. Pay attention to any high maintenance routines that you have (such as shellac manicures, eyelash extensions, recent laser hair removal, etc.) and decide before you leave if you want to continue these routines throughout your travels or not. Meaning…that if you are travelling for 3 months and leave with a shellac manicure or acrylic nails on, be mindful that while they will look great at the start, you will have to find a nail salon/spa abroad to get them removed at.

travel 101

I hope that this check list of 10 things to do before you travel internationally, will help to make your travels the best that they can be!

If you have any comments, questions or future travel posts that you want to see, let me know in the comments below. I would LOVE to hear from you!

xo Brigitte


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