What NOT To Bring Backpacking

There are so many fun and amazing aspects of backpacking that you really don’t experience with any other form of travel. However, when it comes down to packing, it is all about strategy and knowing what to take, how to make it all fit, what to pack it in and most importantly what to leave at home!

When taking just a backpack it is crucial that you keep organized and bring only the essentials, so that you maximize your space and don’t feel as though you are carrying your entire apartment on your shoulders!


12 Things To Leave At Home

  1. A bar of soap
  2. An extra pair of running shoes
  3. More than one pair of jeans
  4. Hiking boots
  5. Bulky towel (microfibre travel towels are THE BEST)
  6. Guidebook (everything that you will ever need can be found online)
  7. Jewelry (it is so much more fun to buy it while travelling!)
  8. More than one jacket or sweater
  9. Pillow
  10. Hair dryer or straightener (you are just as beautiful without out them!)
  11. An oversized first aid kit
  12. A laptop (an iPad much small, lighter and just as good!)

MOST IMPORTANTLY don’t bring anything that you cannot afford to loose

Less is more

Do you really want to be lugging a big shampoo and conditioner bottle around for months?Skip the full sized bottles of all of your essentials and swap them for the the smaller travel-sized bottles. Throughout your trip you will be able to discard them periodically, therefore freeing up more space in your bag and less weight on your back.

BEAUTY HACK: Instead of bringing your day to day perfume of cologne bottles, head to your closest drug store and ask for samples of your favourite fragrances! These little sample sizes are perfect to bring with you and take up next to no space in your backpack. OR if they have mini versions of your favourites, buy those instead (such as Fragonard scents – click HERE  for more info on these).


Beauty products are not the only essentials that come in smaller sizes, be sure to invest in small laundry packs or pods. Trust me, NO ONE wants to lug around a large container of laundry soap.


Do you really need it?

Minimize your beauty essentials and leave at home all those things that you feel comfort in having around, but do not use on a daily basis. Traveling is an adventure that keeps you constantly busy and excited! Do you really want be getting ready for hours in the morning using every product out there, or would you rather be out exploring the unknown?!

Some examples are in the photo below



Okay, by now you might be thinking…I am down to my few basic essentials, now what? Well…now that you have cut out everything that you absolutely do not need, here are a few saviour items that MUST be in your bag.

1.Personalized Recovery Kit

I have bad knees which can flare up and become really sore and painful. With all of the walking, hiking and climbing that associated with travelling I could not got without the two essentials that reduce the inflammation in my knees and make me feel completely amazing again. Advil and A535 were essential for me, but everyone is different!

Ask yourself if there is something specific that you need so that you can travel happy and pain free. For example, if you are prone to blisters pack lots of bandaids and bandage tape in your personalized recovery kit!img_1311

2. Pocket Kleenex

Ladies, listen up! In many places throughout Europe (especially in Italy!) you will go to reach for the roll of toilet paper only to find that there is none. So pocket Kleenex is a helpful essential to always have with you!


3. Deodorant Wipes

This has been one of my best discoveries yet! Travelling usually is defined by long days, which for some people, could mean that their deodorant simply cannot keep up. Especially while travelling in the summer months and engaging in lots of physical activity. These wipes are PERFECT to freshen up in 2 seconds and take up very little space in your bag.img_1309


Wondering about how you should pack all of your belongings to make them fit and what is the best backpack to take?

Check out my How To Pack For Backpacking Post HERE!

If you have any comments or questions I would LOVE to hear from you!

What are your travel essentials?

Happy Travels,

Brigitte xoxo

3 thoughts on “What NOT To Bring Backpacking

  1. Thank you so much, this just brightened my afternoon. I’m a massive minimalist and love to hear others spreading the word 🙂 I’m thinking about your laptop suggestion, I tried traveling with just an iPad but found it tricky to type on. I may give it another try…Can I add one item to your Leave at Home list…your Osprey Farpoint 40 :p I’ve just replaced my Farpoint 40 with a 20 liter pack after going through a hard look at what I was unnecessarily. I wrote a post about this recently. If I ditch my laptop I could even go down to a 10 to 15 liter bag 😀


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