The Ultimate Barcelona Travel Guide

This stunningly beautiful city is hands down one of my favorite cities in all of Europe. From its colorful and aquatic city vibes, to the hidden gems of Gaudi architecture that are scattered throughout the city, this destination should be high up on everyone’s bucket list! I was taken aback by the kindness of locals, the unbelievable food options and the safety and beauty of the city, offering something for everyone. I have completely fallen in love with this city and I know that you will too!

7 Must See Gaudi Buildings

When roaming the streets of Barcelona it is hard to not come across a Gaudi building, since they are all so out of the ordinary, being incredibly colourful and stunningly unique! For all of these works of Gaudi’s architecture, I would recommend booking your tickets ahead of time, since the lines can be astronomically long (there was a 9 hour wait to get into the Sagrada Familia Church the first time we attempted to get inside and people were actually waiting in this line!).

1. La Pedrera

2. Parc Güell

3. Casa Batllo

4. La Sagrada Familia (this is the most famous work of Gaudi! It has been in construction since 1892 and is still not completed, yet estimated to be finished in 2030. This is one of the most iconic symbols of Barcelona and a MUST SEE. I can guarantee you that it will take your breath away!).

5. Cascada Fountain at Park de la Ciutadella

6. El Drac de Gaudi at Finca Guell

7. Colonia Guell

5 Must Read Travel Tips

 1. Language

The two languages that are spoken in Barcelona are Spanish and Catalan.

2. Currency

Like the rest of Spain, Barcelona uses the Euro.

 3. Where to Stay

We stayed at an AirBNB during our time in Barcelona and it was beautiful and in the heart of the city! I would highly recommend staying at an AirBNB, either having an entire place to yourself, or staying with a host. Since while we were there, we met a number of other travellers who were staying in hostels and who were paying MORE per night than we were.

4. Montserrat – The Stairway to Heaven

Many people who visit Barclona take the day trip to see this stunning monument of 9 cement blocks stacked together to look like a stairway. The monument is located in Monserrat, which is a tiny town located in Catalunya, an hour outside of Barcelona. Although we were not able to fit this into our trip, I would go back to Barcelona just to see it, since I have heard incredible things from everyone that I know who has experienced it! The views are unbelievable, so make sure to go on a clear day!

5. Breathtaking City Views

There are a number of high up spots in the city where you can see sweepingly beautiful views of the city. Including at Parc Güell and on top of Montjuïc Hill.

6. Barceloneta Beach

Even though we had mostly rainy days while we were in Barcelona, the one nice day was spent at this gorgeous beach! The mountainous views are incredible and this beach really is something very special!

How To Stay Fit and Healthy While Travelling

 1. Explore the city on foot

While there are so many bus tours that can take you around to see all of sites with ease, it is so much more fun and beneficial to travel on foot! When first looking at the map of Barcelona I remember thinking…this city is huge, there is no way that we will be able to see everything unless we hop on a bus tour (which is not my usual style of travelling). However, after spending 5 days in Barcelona we were able to see and explore the entire city on foot and we had an absolute blast doing it!

2. Fill Up On Fresh Seafood

Since Barcelona is right along the coast there are so many wonderful and fresh options for fish entrees. These can be lighter, healthier, fresher and more delicious than other meat options, as well as will load you up with the protein that you need for all of the walking that you will be doing! Not to mention, the fish tapas are UNBELIEVABLE!

3. Hike Up The Montjuïc Hill 

Skip the Harbour Cable Car that can take you to the top of the hill and walk up instead. There is so much to see along the way, as the view keeps getting better and better till you reach the top! As well as some amazing lookout points to check out on the way up!

4. Visit the La Boqueria

This market is incredible in every way, with stunning displays of fresh fruit, juices, veggies and meats. There are so many healthy and delicious options to satisfy your taste buds!

If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you!

Happy Travels,

Brigitte xo

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Barcelona Travel Guide

  1. I just wrote about Barcelona too! Love that you included so many photos and interesting that we draw on similar attractions yet such different attractions!! Haha I can’t believe the line was 9 hours. We definitely booked online – no queue necessary ! 🙂 glad you enjoyed Barcelona!


  2. I love the way you combine the joys of travel with healthy living. This is a concept many people in the U.S. do not understand. Keep sharing these healthy tips along with your travel adventures to reinforce this important “quality living” message.
    Get closer pictures as well! You are a pretty woman that reveals a marvelous image of what good health should look like. On an emotional level, your smile would also accentuate the real joy of the travel experiences.
    Keep living life to the fullest. Stay healthy and happy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this! I went to Barcelona just over 14 years ago, and I still consider it one of my favorite places and still remember it like it was yesterday. You did an amazing job capturing the city in your pictures! I remember I walked around the whole city and after being there for just 5days, I never wanted to leave! Thank-you for this post 🙂


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