13 Plank Variations

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This quick video will help to spice up your workout routine if it is getting stale and it will give you some new variations of the typical plank that you may not have seen before! Here are my 13 favourite variations, that will challenge your body and help you to see the results that you are looking for, at a faster rate.

Plank Variations in the video:

  1. Hold Forearm Plank
  2. Side-to-Side Hip Touch Plank
  3. Forearm to Push Up Plank (up on right arm)
  4. Forearm to Push Up Plank (up on left arm)
  5. Side Plank Hold
  6. Knee to Elbow Plank
  7. Alternating Arm Plank Hold
  8. Alternating Leg Plank Hold
  9. Knee to Opposite Elbow Plank
  10. Side Plank Roll Through
  11. Buzz Saw
  12. Circular Plank
  13. Stepping In-and-Out Plank

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