5 Carry-On Essentials

Always being on the go from one destination to another has helped me to discover the perfect travel essentials to share with you! These 5 items will make you feel refreshed, fresh faced and beaming with confidence as you step off that plane. Not to mention will keep your entertained, making those long travel hours fly by in no time!

1. A Good Book

A good read always makes travelling that much better! With our crazy, hectic, technology filled lives, when do you realistically have time that you are free from all of every day’s distractions (including wifi)? One of the only places I can think of is up in the air! Therefore, making it the perfect time to relax and get absorbed into a new book.

Some of my favorite recent reads are: (click on pictures for more information on each book)

Skin Cleanse – Author: Adina Grigore

Brain Maker – Author: David Perlmutter, MD

Grain Brain – Author: David Perlmutter, MD

The Body Book – Author: Cameron Diaz

2. Facial Cleansing Cloths By Juicy Bamboo

These cleansing cloths are absolute life savers! I have incredibly sensitive skin and when I fly I have been on the constant hunt for products that remove the oily shine from my face while making me feel refreshed and fresh-faced, however not making my skin dry or irritated at the same time. For me these cleansing cloths have been perfect! They wipe away any oil, meanwhile leaving my skin feeling wonderfully hydrated and soft, thanks to the honey and vitamin B12, C and E that they are soaked in!

These cleansing wipes are also:

Cruelty Free

100% Biodegradable

Contain No: Sulphates, Alcohol, Parabens or Synthetic Fragrance

I found mine at: The Truth Beauty Company

3. Burt’s Bees – Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm

This refreshing lip balm not only smells absolutely amazing, but it does an incredibly job at hydrating your lips for hours on end! I have used Burt’s Bees for years now, as I am sure that many of you have as well, and I can easily say that it is one of my favorite lip balms hands down! This balm contains both Vitamin C and E, from Pink Grapefruit Seed Oil.

I have found Burt’s Bees in almost all drug stores, grocery stores and online.

4. Leaves of Trees – Facial Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil is perfect for delicate and sensitive skin! I massage it into my skin after using my facial cleansing cloths, and it leaves my skin soft, clean and moisturized. Not to mention it is the perfect size for a flight, taking up no space at all and has a little dropper when you open the lid to perfectly control the amount that you need for each use!LeavesofTrees_ProductPhotos_1200x1200_CleansingOil5ml_1024x1024

I buy mine either at their store in Toronto or online.

5. Fragonard – Juste un Baiser Perfume

Isn’t it always wonderful greet people after a long flight looking, feeling and smelling wonderful? For this reason I always carry a mini version of my favorite perfume with in my carry on. After feeling refreshed from your soothing facial cloths, cleansing facial oil and nourishing lip balm it is time for that quick spritz of your favorite scent to top everything off!

Fragonard makes some of my favorite fragrances and I have actually been to the Fragonard lab and factory in France. It was wonderful to visit and experience so many magical scents!

Other Fragonard perfumes I would recommend: (click picture for more info)(REMEMBER: You can only bring a certain number of ounces of liquid in your carry-on, so mini perfumes are absolutely perfect!)

I hope that these essentials will make you feel radiant during and after your long number of hours in the air.



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