Valencia, Spain

This beautiful city is a must see, if you are planning a trip to Spain! With so many sites to explore and foods to try, you will never want to leave!




How to get there:
If you are already in Spain, I would highly recommend taking the high speed train, as it was quick, easy and has beautiful views the whole way! I took the high speed train from Madrid straight to Valencia.

Where to stay:
I would highly recommend staying as close to the city centre as possible, since this is where most of the action is. This includes churches, markets and beautiful squares filled with live music and Spanish flavour!

Must know things about Spain:

A few things to know before you leave for your trip to Spain

Where to eat:
The Mercat Central (centre market) is an incredible food market, that is filled with a huge variety of fresh foods (just look for the blue and yellow tile in my last photo)! I would recommend heading to the market during a meal time, since there are many options to suit everyone’s needs!

Try a differnt cafe every morning! There are endless cafes around Spain, and from my experience they all serve excellent coffees! Every morning we had our morning coffee at a new cafe and were never disappointed!

How to stay fit in Valencia:
One of the beauties of this small, laid back city is that everything that you want to see is within walking distance! So this is a wonderful opportunity to easily add in some exercise to your day. There is a huge park that goes around the city, which if you walk to the end of it, you will get to the ocean. Within the park their are fountains, rose gardens, bike paths and around the park there are markets, museums, etc. lots to see!





2 thoughts on “Valencia, Spain

    1. Thank you Ashley! 🙂 Both were absolutely beautiful and incredibly different from one another. Spain was laid back, full of samosas, red wine, olives and seafood, but next to no english! While Italy was lots of pasta, pizza, cheeses and of course coffee, with quite a bit more english being spoken and for sure more tourists! Both were unbelievable!


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