Exploring Venice

Venice is a beautiful city that is full of colour, romance and gigantic stacks of italian desserts. There are so many special and unique attractions to be discovered, especially when you wander and let yourself get lost within the narrow streets and canals.










My travel tips for Venice

Get lost.

After you have seen all of the major sights that you want to see, tuck your map away into you backpack and wander through the canals. This is one of the best ways to see the city of Venice and it will also help you to escape the crowds for a period of time. There is so much exploring that can be done, and endless little gems that can discovered while aimlessly wandering the narrow streets. For example, the photo above of the chocolate that is meant to look like rusted tools, as well as the oldest coffee shop in Venice were both stumbled upon by accident!

See the city from the water.

I would recommend splurging on a gondola ride. It is well worth the cost since you are able to experience the city from a whole other perspective, which I always think is important. This also makes for a romantic and fun time if you are going with your significant other…it is the city of love after all!

Wake up early. 

Get up before the crowds and tourists and I promise you it will make your trip so much more enjoyable. If you are visiting during the summer months, so are thousands of others and with Venice’s small size it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Enjoy the food.

There are so many incredible places to eat that are overflowing with gelato, chocolates, cookies, pastries and other indulgences. Try a little bit of everything, you cannot go wrong! There are also wonderful options of fresh cut up fruit that can be purchased along the streets, which makes great on-the-go exploring snacks.

Try on the masks.

There is so much fun to be had in trying on the many different types of masks. There are masks of all sorts, and surely a perfect one to suit every personality!




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