Extreme Cardio Workout

Grab those runners, pump up tunes and water bottle because this amazing cardio workout will have you sweating and feeling awesome! I have had knee problems for many years and recently it got so bad that I was diagnosed with Platellofemoral Pain Syndrome, so in simple terms a super painful knee injury that is otherwise known as Jumpers Knee, and causes ongoing inflammation and pain. Thankfully though, I currently have it under wraps, icing my knees after every workout and avoiding all plyometric, or jumping, exercises. Because of this pain and injury, I have designed all of my workouts since to be friendly to all of those knee-injured individuals, because when I say I know your pain…I actually seriously do! So if you have sensitive knees I am happy to say that you too can partake in this killer good cardio session and feel no pain and you will not have to make up your own variations to certain exercises! Lets get PUMPED UP BECAUSE HERE WE GOOOO! ๐Ÿ™‚DSC03363 - Version 2.jpg

Warm Up


7 Burpees with pushup

10 second rest

30 seconds jog on the spot

10 second rest

30 Jumping Jacks (modified by instead of jumping stepping out to one side then the other)

10 second rest

7 burpees with up and down plank (instead of pushup)

10 second rest

30 seconds high knees on the spot

10 second rest

30 seconds high knees with opposite elbow meeting opposite knee with each knee-up

10 second rest

30 seconds jog on the spot with arms straight out front parallel to the floor

10 second rest


BEGINNER: repeat circuit 5 times

INTERMEDIATE: repeat circuit 7 times

ADVANCED: repeat circuit 10 times

Cool Down





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