LUNA Skin Care

Around 2 months ago I was introduced to a skin care product called the LUNA while I was at Caryl Baker Visage beauty bar. I was there to have my eyebrows waxed, but the beautician was getting wonderfully carried away and was wanted to try all of her favorite skin care products on me and educate me how I could repair my skin. It was then that she told me about this magical product that could vibrate away skin blemishes, help exfoliate my skin and reduce redness! After hearing this, I was somewhat skeptical, as now a days we are told that every product is the “magical cure” that will make a word of a difference, but never the less I was eager to try it!

The beautician first applied a cleanser to my face and started to move the LUNA around my t-zone in small motions. When the beautician brought the LUNA over to the left side of my nose where there was a large blemish…one of those pesky ones that just sits on your face, continuously getting redder and redder and give you that feeling as though it will never go away, I was somewhat hesitant. I did not want to LUNA to irritate it, as many other products have done, since I have VERY sensitive skin. But the beautician assured me that by holding it lightly on the blemish and slowly moving it in a circular motion that this would break up what was under the skin and that it would help to clear it up quickly. I was seriously hoping that she was right, as I was already starting to plan in my head how my night would turn out if she was wrong, which would consist of a serious mud face mask and many glasses of lemon water to heal the damages that were done. Yet, after she was finished, my skin felt wonderfully soft and free from all dry skin and oil! I left feeling smooth, cleansed and more educated on the world of the LUNA.


What happened next was the most shocking.

I woke up the next morning with my blemish COMPLETELY GONE, my skin STILL smooth and STILL incredibly soft! I could not believe it! The LUNA had worked to completely break up the blemish and had left my skin feeling and looking wonderful! It had passed the day after test with flying colors!

After that I made the purchase and I am SO incredibly HAPPY to say that ever since I have been using the LUNA, I have been completely blemish free! I have NEVER found a skin care product like this and I could not be happier that I gave the beautician the freedom to work her magic on my sensitive skin. Everyday the LUNA makes my face washing time just that much more exciting, knowing that it is working, and doing wonders for my skin. After finding the LUNA and testing it out for a few months with 100% satisfaction and happiness I am so happy to share it with you and spread the word! ALSO… I had told FOREO my story and in doing this, they have given me a discount code to offer to you, which you can use at checkout so that you too can have the LUNA … and at a discounted price!! How amazing is that!?!


For 10% off a LUNA mini AND free shipping, type in the code BRIGITTE at checkout!

The offer is valid from 10/19/15 till 11/7/15 so get shopping ladies and gentlemen with the links below!


For the LUNA

The LUNA not only comes in different colors, with blue being for combination skin, pink for normal/sensitive skin and white being for ultra-sensitive skin (this is the one that I have), but while one side is used for facial cleansing, the other side is used for anti aging! You just hold the LUNA on all of the main wrinkle spots for a number of seconds (it will vibrate twice once it is ready to be moved to the next spot), and this help to gently soothe and relax these wrinkle spots.


Other things that I love about the LUNA: 

  • There is no brush that you continuously need to buy and replace, as well as the BEST part is that is collects NO BACTERIA! After you are done using it, you quickly wash it down and dry it, and it is ready for your next use!
  • There is a 2-year limited warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee
  • It is a perfectly portable size that fits in any makeup bag
  • It is completely waterproof so you can take it with you in the bath or shower

To find out more about the LUNA including all the info on where to buy it and how to use it is below:






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