Extreme Bootylicious Workout

Looking for a quick workout that will tone, tighten and help shape that booty? Well…this incredibly effective and SUPER FUN workout will do just that! The exercises are targeted to work your booty and help to achieve maximum results if you stick with it. There are so many fun and unique exercises that are unknown to so many people as well as good old favourites, such as burpees (which I know people hate the sound of)…but TRUST ME you will never regret doing them! Have you ever heard anyone say… “I really regret doing that workout today”?! I cannot say I have ever heard anyone say that! So push through it, make working out a routine, and you will be guaranteed to see results and feel absolutely amazing! You can build the booty you have always wanted by just making a little time in your busy schedule!


Warm Up

  • Arm Swings
  • Hip Rolls
  • Shoulder Rolls
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Air Punches (to the side, to the middle, upper cut)
  • Grape Vine


Set One

  • 30 seconds of jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds high knees
  • 30 seconds squats with a calf raise (come up onto your toes)
  • rest 10 seconds (walk around)

(repeat 2 times)


Set Two

  • 30 seconds speed skaters
  • 30 seconds sumo squats
  • 30 seconds jump squats
  • rest 10 seconds (walk around)

(repeat 3 times)


Set Three (drop it down to your mat)

  • 20 donkey kick backs (on each leg)
  • 20 fire hydrant squats (on all fours, one leg bent in towards your stomach and rotating out, like the motion of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant) (on each leg)
  • 20 rainbows (each leg) (extending leg straight out behind you and touching the floor furthest to your left and then lifting and swinging to your right, this counts as one rep)
  • 20 glute bridges (up and down counts as one)

(repeat 3 times)


Set Four

  • 30 seconds adductor squats with dumbell
  • 30 seconds curtsey squats
  • 30 seconds burpees (with a pushup)

(repeat 3 times)


Cool Down

NOTE: Don’t forget that the cool down and warm up are both incredibly important, as they are helping your body to both get warm and ready for a workout, as well as help to reduce the lactic acid and stretch out the muscles at the end of the workout.



2 thoughts on “Extreme Bootylicious Workout

  1. My dear
    I’m afraid I’ll have a heart attack if I try an exercise like this in my current condition. Do you have any gentle work outs for someone who is trying to get into a more gentle routine.


    1. Hi Rosaline! Not to worry, I will post a less intense bootylicious workout next! This one here though can also be modified to suit the needs of any fitness level based on number of reps and the amount of time spent doing each exercise! Start small and work your way up.


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