Fierce Abs – Pyramid

Its that time again…back to university we go! To that crazy busy and exciting gym, that is overflowing with nervous first year students, who are so excited to try all of the equipment, attend the classes that are offered and embrace that healthy, active lifestyle! Most students see these first few months at the gym as a dreaded time due to the crowds, the business and the line ups for equipment. However, I see it as exciting, motivating and a time to try out new workouts! When I go to the gym I use the smaller hand held equipment such as; resistance bands, hand weights, bosu ball, medicine balls, etc. which during these hectic times, will really help you get that full workout in without having to stand in any lines, or wait around.

During these busy times I would recommend floor pyramids, as you do not need a ton of space to get a good workout in, and they are killer good for your bod! I am going to take you though one of my favourite ab pyramids which will have you feeling and looking great in no time! The best part about pyramids is that you have a goal, you know how many reps you have left to complete and that allows you to push your body to limits that may be out of your comfort zone, but will end in seriously wonderful results for you! Remember though, you know your bodies limits and what is achievable for your own self, so you can modify this workout any way you like to suit your personal needs, wants and fitness level.

Pop on that athletic wear and here we go!



10 reps

Russian Twists (with or without medicine ball) – due 10 twists to each side

Oblique Sit-up with Crunch

Rotating Plank (plank on palms, twisting from side to side with arm that is off the matt, fully extended in the air) -10 on each side

Medicine Ball Sit-ups (with arms extended out straight during the crunching and straightening up right portion)

Superman (hold for 1 minute 40 sec. – deduct 10 seconds for each lower rep) (EX: for 9 reps hold for 1 min 30 seconds)

Ankle Touches (lie with your back on the floor, knees up and bent and feet on the floor, use your abs to pull your head a few inches off the floor and reach to touch the left ankle with the left hand and then the right ankle with the right hand) – due 10 touches on each side

Standing Power Crunch – 10 each side

Bicycle – 10 on each side

Next, repeat everything but doing 9 reps instead of 10! Going al the way down from 8,7,6…to 1 rep! You will feel the burn I am sure of it!




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