Nud Fud Snacks

I am LOVING Nud Fuds raw, organic and gluten free snacks! I have so far tried three different kinds; the Cacao Banana Crisps, Cheezy Crackers and Mini Green Energy Crisps and love them all! They are light, packed full of incredible and most importantly pronounceable ingredients, as well as there are only a few ingredients in each snack. I fully agree with their saying of “Food is better nude” and think that it is perfect for their assortment of snacks, as they have nothing to hide in their products and are just trying (mighty successfully as I may add) to add healthy, raw and organic snacks to peoples daily life! I brought two out of the three snacks with me to the polo fields one weekend and they completely disappeared in a matter of 10 seconds flat, and the brand gained about 30 new polo player fans. Everyone had a positive comment to add, these were just a few:

“These are vegan crackers? But they taste so cheesy?”

“Wow, I love the chocolate ones, I could eat them all day!”

“They are all so light and delicious”

“I need more!”

Let me tell you…horse people are not easy to please with vegan food, yet Nud Fud surprised EVERYONE in an incredibly positive way! If you have not already tried their products you need to, since they are like no other!

Vegan, sugar free and just plain delicious, here is all the information that you need to get a hold of them and check out what other products they have to offer:


Instagram: @NudFud



By the pool with my Green Energy Crisps!


Caught in the act…snacking on the Cheezy Crackers!


Poolside essentials, my cold pressed juice, Nud Fud crackers and magazine!

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