I have officially completed my very first three day juice cleanse and cannot wait to share with you the whole experience! I have tons of photos, tips and advice for you as well! Have you ever thought of doing a juice cleanse before, but are not too sure how, which juice companies to use or why it would actually be beneficial to your health to do one? Well I have all of the answers you will ever need, as I too have always wanted to try one, and now after giving it a try feel much more knowledgeable and ready to share all that I have learned and felt!


I decided to start with a three day juice cleanse, the smallest amount of cleansing time, just to test it out and see how I felt, as well as the long weekend was three days long so that worked out perfectly. I worked with five juice companies from Toronto who have amazing combinations of flavours, and ingredients in their juices! I tried to have the most diverse collection of juices so that I was able to fill my body with as many nutrients as possible during the three days, as well as experiment with which flavours I like best together!


So starting with the most important part of cleansing, why it is beneficial for your body to complete a juice cleanse. It is for a short period of time that you are to drink only juice throughout the day, filling your body with lots of fruit and vegetables. A juice cleanse feeds your body the nutrients that it needs to detoxify, without eating handfuls of kale and fruits, instead having it all condensed into one bottle. After a period of eating many processed sugary foods, consuming too much alcohol, or just feeling bloated and lethargic people feel the need to rejuvenate and cleanse their bodies, as basically a restart. A juice cleanse is one way of doing this, as you are eliminating the daily intake of harmful things for your body and instead replacing them with much more beneficial nutrients!


How I felt during the cleanse: My diet on a regular basis is filled with colourful, nutrient dense foods that leave me feeling both energized and satisfied. While on the juice cleanse and not getting all of the fibre that I normally get, nor getting the satisfaction from creating, preparing and eating a delicious meal, my body was more thrown off guard than I had expected! My mood levels and energy levels were not nearly as happy and energized as normal. There was no “crash” throughout the day, since I was continuously sipping on juice and water in-between the juices, yet the constant energy that I usually have throughout the day was just not there! It was really important that I was always keeping myself busy as well with socializing, hiking, swimming, etc, to distract myself from wanting to eat and satisfy that urge that was there. Having people around made it much easier, since there were then so many wonderful distractions!

The most important things to remember during a cleanse:

1. Surround yourself with other people and keep yourself busy. You will be hungry at times and it will get challenging, but by staying active and keeping your mind distracted on other things, this will help fend off hunger.  If you are able to surround yourself with others who are also doing a juice cleanse, that would be very beneficial, as you will have others there to motivate you!


2. Make sure to always keep drinking lots of water! I found this to be very important in between the juices, since you can fill up on water to satisfy hunger.

3. Juices should be consumed over a 15-30 minute time period, as this wil give the body enough time to break down everything as well as will help to satisfy hunger.


4. Start with water each morning. Instead of waking up and starting to sip on your first juice  right away, take about 15 minutes to enjoy a nice tall glass of warm lemon water. This will wake up your digestive system, and prepare your body for what’s to come. Lemon water is also alkalizing and therefore is wonderful for balancing out your pH levels, which will energize your body, elevate your mood and make you feel fantastic!


5. Do not do a juice cleanse to loose weight. A juice cleanse is something that is temporary, not a lifestyle. During your cleansing period you may loose a few pounds, yet this is most likely water weight. A juice cleanse is a means of feeding your body the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs in order to promote detoxification, as opposed to a way of permanently loosing weight.


I selected the five juice companies from around Toronto that I thought would be best for the cleanse and went from there! These were Revitasize, Greenhouse Juice Co., Total Cleanse, Pulp Kitchen and Evolution Food Co. I started with a small assortment of juices from each of these companies as throughout the cleanse wanted to try as many different combinations of fruit and vegetables as possible. The breakdown of juices over the three days was as follows:


  1. Feeling Green Juice from Revitasize
  2. Watermelon Wonder Juice from Evolution Food Co.
  3. Deep Root from Greenhouse Juice Co.
  4. Pure Gold from Evolution Food Co.
  5. Detox Darling from Pulp Kitchen


  1. Pink Lady from Revitasize
  2. Clean-Zing Juice from Greenhouse Juice Co.
  3. Chia Seed Hydrator from Greenhouse Juice Co.
  4. Heavenly Glow from Evolution Food Co.
  5. The Giver from Greenhouse Juice Co.


  1. Bloody Beet from Revitasize
  2. Burdock Splash from Revitasize
  3. Detox from Evolution Food Co.
  4. Green Power from Pulp Kitchen
  5. V8 from Pulp Kitchen


My overall experience with the juice cleanse was not exactly what I had expected. It is difficult to carry out your day on juice alone! A few times throughout the weekend there was a large urge to chew something, not because of hunger but just because my body was not used to such an unusual experience of only drinking all day. So I had a few almonds each day throughout the day, just to satisfy the need to chew on something and that worked out really well. Only 5 a day, periodically throughout the day and the need to chew had been curbed! If you experience the same sort of feeling I would definitely give this a try, as it worked well and will keep you on track. I absolutely loved cold pressed juice before the cleanse and still love it afterwards, I am in no way tired of juice, but I do believe that balance is incredibly necessary. I think that balance in all parts of life is crucial and throughout the juice cleanse did not feel balanced. I did feel lighter, bloat-free and excited to try all of the juices, yet felt as though a very important balance was missing. I would not complete another juice cleanse because of this, but will continue to drink cold pressed juice regularly, as it is delicious, makes me feel amazing and is loaded up with tons of vitamins and minerals!


I think that a balance of a healthy breakfast, a juice for lunch and a healthy dinner would be much more beneficial for the body than another straight juice cleanse. Or what I have been doing since the juice cleanse ended was having my regular three healthy meals per day, and roughly 1-2 hours after lunch would open a juice from Total Cleanse (totalcleanse.ca) and sip on it for the next few hours. This has been amazing as the juice acts as basically a snack right at the 3pm craving time, and leaves me feeling only slightly hungry for when dinner time comes around. This has worked out so well, since instead of reaching for a single fruit for a snack, I am filling my body with an assortment of healthy fruit and veggies, which satisfy my hunger all the way till dinner. AMAZING! I am very glad that I tried out a juice cleanse, as I now know much more than I ever have about cleansing and got to experience it all first hand! I would recommend a juice cleanse for all those who are curious and have always wanted to see how they feel afterwards, since it was a very surreal and challenging experience. Yet keep in mind what I have said about balance and let me know you how you felt, if it was the same or completely different after your juice cleanse.



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