BENEFITS Of Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Feeling like your mornings, days, or evenings could use a boost?! Instead of reaching for another coffee, or that cupboard of your favourite things, whether it be sweet or salty, squeeze yourself a glass of fresh orange juice. TRUST ME, it will be the best decision you make all day! Freshly squeezed orange juice DOES NOT mean reaching for that carton of Tropicana, Fruitopia, or whatever other orange juice brands are out there, which are not nearly as good for you as the real stuff. After doing a chemistry lab experiment in my first year of university and learning about how orange juice from 6 different brands is made and then analyzing all under microscopes I will touch no orange juice unless I either squeeze it myself or watch it be squeezed. If you think about it, how fresh could orange juice be available to consumers all year long, while it only comes from certain parts of the world and is only available in certain seasons!? And also, while freshly squeezed juice does last more than a few days packaged orange juice can last way longer than that… its all adding up to FRESHLY SQUEEZED BEING THE WAY TO GO! Wouldn’t you rather have the satisfaction of making your own juice and knowing exactly what is in it and where it came from rather than buying anything packed and in your grocery store? I know I would! 🙂 Fresh orange juice is:

  • 100 times more delicious
  • So incredibly easy to make
  • Packed full of Vitamin C and Bioflavanoids 
  • A powerful Antioxidant source
  • Contains Beneficial Enzymes and other Nutrients (these are destroyed in pasteurization which is what happens to packaged orange juices)
  • An Anti-aging Collagen Booster
  • A good source of Magnesium and other vitamins and minerals
  • Supports your Adrenals and Thyroid
  • Contains beneficial natural sugars that lower stress and boost metabolism

With all of these incredible health benefits…LETS GET JUICING! And you do not need a fancy juicer, just grab a little handheld citrus juicer (which is all of $5), that you probably already have at your disposal in your kitchen from juicing lemons! Give it a try and you will feel better both mentally and physically, I can assure you 🙂 Enjoy, B Fresh orange juice is

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