Need Workout motivation? Add these songs to your workout playlist!

I don’t know about you, but music is what keeps me going from the beginning to the end of my workout! I listen to some great beats, that get me up and motivated to workout, then while at the gym go hard to songs that make me want to sing and dance, and then stretch and relax to calming tunes. So many people struggle to find songs that will pump them up, or lack the knowledge on where to find just the right songs for them! If this is you, I can help!

There is a wonderful app for music that is free and SUPER easy to use called 8tracks. I would recommend this for people who don’t want to fill their phone up with songs, as well as for those who get tired of songs really quickly. You can play around with the site and I’m sure you will stumble upon a playlist that suits your taste in music! When I use 8tracks I use tags such as: workout, happy, pump up, run, and happy, in order to find my favourite workout playlists. There are thousands of wonderful songs that will keep you motivated, focused and determined throughout your entire gym session!

For those who have that iPod that is in need of a serious makeover song-wise, this is for you!! There were so many amazing songs and remixes from the past 2 years that you will FALL IN LOVE with once you hear them! Music for me is so important, as it gets me all pumped up and into a great training mind set, boosting my energy levels, and helps me to power through even the toughest workouts!

Below is a list of some great remixes and songs that i’m sure you will enjoy.


Summermash14                                             by: DJ Earworm

United State of POP 2012(shine brighter)      by: DJ Earmworm Mashup

Shake It Off                                                     by: Taylor Swift

United State of Pop 2014                               by: DJ Earworm Masup

Maps                                                               by: Maroon 5

Don Omar                                                by: Danza Kudoro ft. Akon (Official Remix)

Jumpstart                                                       by: These Kids Wear Crowns

DJ Dreamport – Let Go                            by: Replay 2014 Mashup (40 Pop Songs)

Don’s Wake Me Up                                         by: Chris Brown

#AnDyWuMUSICLAND Mashup 2014            by: Mashup 2014 Let Go (Best 88 Pop Songs)

End Mashup Featuring 45 Pop Songs            by: Made in 2014

Turn It Up                                                      by: Kardinal Offishall (ft. Karl Wolf)

Workout Music Top Hits 2014                         time: 1:02:24

Am I Wrong (Kodjo & Reevi Edit)            by: Envy

House Party                                                    by: Sam Hunt

Battleships                                                      by: Daughtry

Problem ft. Iggy Azalea                                   by: Ariana Grande

Life Of The Party                                             by: Aleesia

Waiting For Superman                                    by: Daughtry

Hopefully these motivating tunes will pump up your workout and keep you smiling and motivated!



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