Dark Under Eye Circles Be Gone

TEA BAGS or CUCUMBER Cucumber on White


There are some wonderful naturally ways to reduce dark under eye circles, two of my favourite include cucumber slices and tea bags! However, there are many other ways, some including:

  • drink more water
  • get more sleep
  • drink less alcohol
  • consume less sugar
  • consume less caffeine
  • use moisturizers that have avocado oil, Vitamin K and Vitamin E listed as ingredients

As for cucumbers, I am sure that you have seen and heard of this simple method, but if you designate the time to do it it will be worth it! All that you need to do is place one slice of cucumber on each eye and relax for around 10 minutes. No need to wash off the juice afterwards, but you can if you like. YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING AFTERWARDS!

With the teabags, all that you need to do is soak two tea bags in cold water and then place one on each eye for 10 minutes.

IT IS THAT SIMPLE! You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after these simple tricks, so give them a try, you will only benefit from them 🙂



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