Naturally Lighten Hair


Now that summer is right around the corner everyone is looking for that lighter sun kissed hair! There are many products available to lighten your hair, however many of these options are packed with chemicals, bleach and scalp irritants! Bleach strips the keratin from your hair which leaves your hair brittle, dry and dull, which is definitely not the look anyone is going for.

Using lemon juice naturally lightens your hair without the use of any harsh chemicals and or irritants. Lemon juice has the ability to do this since it contains a natural bleaching agent, however it is not nearly as harsh as anything in store bought products.


All that you need is the juice of 1 lemon.

Squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl, mix with a little bit of water and pour it onto your hair. I find it easiest to pour it right onto the top of my head and rub it down through my hair. I rub the two halves of the lemon on my hair as well to get some of the pulp onto my hair and then tossed it up into a bun on the top of my head. You can leave it into your hair for a few hours before rinsing it out, how light your hair will get all depends on your own hair though. It really help that when you do this that you are out in the sunshine, as this will accelerate the lightening process!

For different hair colours, results will take different amounts of time to see. I have natural blonde hair and so on days when I sit by the pool with a good book for a few hours, I am able to see results within just two uses!



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