Coconut Water

COCONUT WATER 1490310-coconut-water-pulp-lg

The positive effects on the body, skin and hair from coconut water are incredible! Not only is it the most natural way to replenish the supply of electrolytes in our bodies to prevent dehydration, but it also has an incredibly high level of potassium and antioxidants! Coconut water is the best available alternative to recovery sport drinks such as powerade and gatorade, which are loaded with sugar and unnatural ingredients. Coconut water is able to replace the minerals and fluid that is lost during physical activities, and is recommended for those who engage in physical activity on a regular basis. As a bonus it also helps prevent muscle cramps! By drinking coconut water you have the potential to save your body from various health problems because of its large amount of nutrients which are needed to sustain life, including; potassium, glucose, vitamin C, Vitamin B.

Coconut water is rich in magnesium and potassium and is helpful for those suffering from low blood pressure. By drinking it regularly you are preventing possible heart strokes, and helping to increase good cholesterol, which is beneficial for the maintenance of good cardiovascular health. Because of the cytokines and lauric acid that it contains it has shown to have significant anti-aging and anti-carcinogenic properties which helps to decrease skin aging, balance your bodies pH levels, and keep your connective tissues hydrated and strong.

The regular consumption of coconut water increases the metabolism rate which helps to burn sugar significantly faster as well as it helps to dissolve kidney stones because of the high amount of potassium that it contains. Coconut water aids in digestion, boosts energy, treats dehydration, aids in muscle cramps and helps the body manage stress and build stronger bones.

There is a large number of brands that you can buy, but always remember to check the ingredients list to make sure that there is no added sugar or anything else for that matter! My all time favourite brand of coconut water that has a delicious taste and includes yummy pulp is: Real coconut water Taste Nirvana (the one in the picture). Some I have tried have an unpleasant taste, so I would start with this brand if I were you, they do a fabulous job!

The list is endless of all of the incredible benefits from coconut water! A brief list is below:

Health Benefits:

  • hydrating properties
  • anti-aging
  • cardiovascular health
  • increases metabolism rate
  • dissolves kidney stones
  • aids in digestion
  • boosts energy
  • prevents muscle cramps
  • builds stronger bones
  • has diuretic properties
  • prevents bloating
  • aids in weight loss
  • controls diabetes
  • neutralises poison effects
  • filled with antioxidants

Benefits for skin:

  • moisturizer
  • skin hydration
  • oxygen circulation
  • anti-aging properties
  • sun tan
  • treating skin infection
  • prevents oily skin
  • helps prevent acne and blemishes
  • rich in antioxidants

Benefits for hair:

  • fights hair loss
  • fights hair dryness
  • prevents breakage
  • conditions hair
  • helps hair growth
  • gives shine

Enjoy and drink up!


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