OATMEAL        oatmeal

Oatmeal can alleviate itchy skin. When it is added to a bath it soothes the skin and help to eliminate the itchiness associated with razor burn, chicken pocks, poison ivy, swimmers itch, dry “winter skin”, diaper rash, hives, the sting from sunburns, etc… There is no need for an expensive drug store cream when an oat bath could have quick, inexpensive relief.

There are anti-inflammatory compounds in oats, which help to explain how oats are able to sooth irritated and itchy skin.

For an oat bath: Pour 1 to 2 cups of plain uncooked oat flour, or rolled oats, into the cut-off leg of an old pair of pantyhose or a tube sock, tie it loosely, and set it under the faucet as you draw a warm bath. Let the oats soak for a while in the water, periodically squeezing the pantyhose bag to release the liquid.

As you soak in the tub, rub the bag of oats over your skin like a bar of soap to increase the soothing effect.

The tub does gets slippery during an oatmeal soak, so make sure t to take special care when getting out of the tub. Just pat yourself dry and you will keep the protective, moisturizing barrier to continue the oats’ skin soothing magic.



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