Apple Cider Vinegar

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR  Bragg-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Organic-Raw-074305001321

There a a number of uses for apple cider vinegar, from aiding in hair shine to treating acne scars! It seems as though apple cider vinegar is another one of those miracle cures that has gone unnoticed for so long…well not anymore!

Hair Care: One of the reasons that it is recommended as a way to get your hair healthy and shiny again is because of its acidic properties. After a long winter of indoor heaters and air conditioners your hair is left dry and wrecked with both dullness and frizziness. And easy enough to say that when your hair is such you don’t feel your best! Thankfully through the use of apple cider vinegar your hair will be shiny and healthy again in not time at all. Not only does it remove dirt and oil from the scalp, helping to get rid of dandruff, but also it makes a fantastic conditioner!

All you need is:

  • 2 tbsp for short hair and 4 tbsp for long of apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup for short hair and 1 cup for long hair  or warm water

Mix the water and apple cider vinegar together and message it into your hair and scalp with your fingers. You don’t want to soak your hair, you just want to get it wet (the whole mixture is not always needed). Then let the mixture stay in your hair for around 10 minutes. You can use a shower cap to keep your hair in if desired, but it is not necessary. After 10 minutes rinse your hair with cool water.

Skin Care: Everyone struggles with the occasional pimple or acne, and some people have not yet found a treatment yet that work right for them. Apple cider vinegar is a great alternative to using harsh chemical bought creams and solutions because it is one of the most powerful natural cleansers out there. It is a natural toner acting as an astringent to also help reduce the size of pores! It balances out your skins pH levels, which helps to make sure that certain acne causing bacteria can no longer survive in such a environment, as well as helps to clear up excessively oily skin. Within a few weeks after use you should see significant result with regards to the about of acne and acne scars you see on your face.

All you need is:

  • Natural, Raw, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cotton swabs

Pour some of the apple cider vinegar onto a cotton swab and dab all over your face, focusing especially on your acne or breakout prone areas. Rinse your face and apply moisturizer as usual. You can use this treatment 2 times per week depending on the sensitivity of your skin. If your skin is very sensitive, then dilute the apple cider vinegar so that it is a 1:1 ratio with water.





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